Facility Management

Outsourcing the daily operation of owner-occupied offices, warehouses and plants has been a popular and proven cost cutting measure over the past five years. There may be hidden savings within the operations of a building that our team can identify that will be realized year after year.

Our firm reduced the daily staffing costs of an 80,000 square foot office/warehouse facility by 41% without any decline in service. In addition to these savings, operating costs were trimmed by over $34,000 during the first year.

Our Team will:
  • Review the way services are delivered
  • Determine the ideal staffing model
  • Conduct operational & efficiency reviews
  • Review all contacts and specifications
  • Perform an energy audit
  • Draft and emergency and disaster plan

This expertise can also be contracted to augment a current staffing structure. We can build on the strength of existing building operators or managers to deliver owners a service that addresses the full spectrum of facility management.